Make-up and Hair Courses London – 3 Year BTEC & ITEC Diploma

Make-up and Hair Courses London – 3 Year BTEC & ITEC Diploma

Make-up and Hair Courses London – 3 Year BTEC & ITEC Diploma

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Professional Intensive Media Make-up and Hair Course- 3 Year BTEC Level 3 & ITEC Level 2 Diploma: Overview

The 3 Year BTEC & ITEC Professional Intensive Media Make-up and Hair Course  is the most comprehensive of our courses, teaching students the necessary practical and theoretical skills to work as a successful hair and make-up artist for television, film, theatre and fashion. This course is well suited to school, college and university leavers allowing them to study in a familiar educational format.

The course is taught by experienced and established industry professionals, assessors and educators who only teach subjects appropriate to their specialist field. By having lecturers who are actively working within the industry ensures students are taught the most up to date techniques and are using the most current products.

Created in line with current industry requirements this course follows the BTEC level 3 diploma in production arts for make-up and the ITEC Level 2 diploma in hairdressing and barbering. These qualifications are offered to students so they will complete the course with our own highly recognised certificate of attendance and subjects covered, but also the validation of an awarding body, making sure that standards are always current and acceptable within the industry.

Students are assessed internally and externally and will be required to complete assignments and practical assessments.

We encourage our students to use the photographic studio to build a portfolio of practical evidence that supports their cv, it is created with the guidance of lecturers and is designed to show a variety of make-up and hair skills that the individual is capable of producing.

With the use of our photographic studio our students are able to view their make-up and hair work on camera which is projected to a High Definition screen.

Brushstroke at Shepperton Studios has been at the forefront of supplying trained hair and make-up artists to the creative media industry for over 27 years. We are consistently called upon by production companies and make-up designers to provide Brushstroke trained hair and make-up artists with various levels of experience to work with them on television, film, fashion and theatre productions

The overall aim of this course is to create successful hair and make-up artists who are not only highly skilled and diverse in their practical abilities but can interpret what is required on a production.

 If you should be interested in the 3 Year BTEC & ITEC Diploma please contact our head office at Shepperton Studios by telephone 01932 592463 or email: to arrange an informal interview.

Course Dates and Timings

  •  Monday 2nd October 2017 to Thursday 9th July 2020
  • Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 4pm

For future course dates not listed, please contact our head office on 01932 592463 /

This BTEC and ITEC course is structured in the following way


This consists of demonstrations and moves swiftly into hands- on practical training, continuing throughout the course with our lecturers offering guidance, enabling the student to acquire the skills needed in the professional make-up and hair industry. Great emphasis is put on speed and accuracy to high definition standard. Internal certification is by Brushstroke, which the student only gains once they have completed every unit to the satisfaction of the course tutor.


The BTEC and ITEC external qualifications run alongside your Brushstroke course as the requirements are met within the course syllabus.

Entry requirements

Induction for Brushstroke courses is effectively reversed, whereby the prospective student/parent/ guardian ensure suitability for a course along with our decision. Once you have discussed your requirements with a senior member of staff, preferably at one of our informal interviews or in detail over the telephone we will then write to you confirming our acceptance of you on your chosen course.

All ages attend our courses and are suitable for school leavers aged 16+ to continue their education and work towards either a BTEC or ITEC Qualification. We look closely at the suitability of younger students ensuring that they are ready to train with us. There is no specific qualification requirement; although certain qualifications/ work experience can be beneficial to students and the merits of these are assessed at the induction stage.

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