Brushstroke prides itself in its after care. For committed students (under our terms and conditions) we offer a lifelong connection with the school.

Once a student has completed a make-up and hair course with Brushstroke there is a follow up procedure to ensure that they are actively seeking employment and are offered the opportunity to return and speak to a member of staff for further guidance if needed. Our students are reminded that should they feel they need to refresh any particular subject every effort will be made to make this possible.
This after care /support is extremely beneficial for those of you who for example, have not used certain skills for any length of time and feel that the quality of your work and confidence would greatly benefit from refreshing certain subjects.
Please remember you need to work with us because refreshing normally means joining an existing Brushstroke course at a specific time.

Should you have trained with Brushstroke and feel you may benefit from our after care and are interested in refreshing a certain skill or need any support/guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.



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